Bolashak Scholarship Leadership Programme 2024 Begins at University of Leeds

The University of Leeds recently had the honour of welcoming the latest cohort of Bolashak Scholarship recipients for their Leadership Programme Induction Day. This significant event, which took place on the university's historic campus, began an exciting journey for these distinguished scholars into the realms of leadership and innovation. The induction day offered a comprehensive schedule of activities, including interactive leadership workshops, keynote speeches by prominent figures, and networking sessions with peers and alumni. Aimed at equipping scholars with essential leadership skills and a global outlook, the event was a testament to the Bolashak Scholarship's commitment to fostering the development of future leaders. Participants also had the opportunity to tour the University of Leeds, known for its excellence in research, vibrant student life, and stunning architecture. This day was not just an introduction to the Leadership Programme but also an invitation to join a community dedicated to making a significant impact in the world.

3/8/20241 min read