Bolashak Scholarship Leadership Programme 2024 Successfully Launched at University of Leeds

The University of Leeds recently hosted the opening ceremony for the 2024 Bolashak Scholarship Leadership Programme, marking a significant beginning for the latest group of scholars. The event occurred at the university's esteemed campus and signalled the start of a year focused on developing the participants' leadership and innovative capacities. The induction day featured a series of enriching activities to motivate and challenge the scholars. These included dynamic leadership workshops, inspiring speeches by prominent leaders, and valuable opportunities to network with peers and distinguished alums. The day's events reflected the programme's emphasis on building essential leadership skills and adopting a global perspective. Moreover, the scholars participated in a guided tour of the University of Leeds, highlighting its outstanding research facilities, vibrant student life, and attractive campus. The day they were served not only as an introduction to their training but also as an invitation to join a dynamic community dedicated to making a profound worldwide impact. This initiation has established the groundwork for a year of development and success under the respected auspices of the Bolashak Scholarship.

3/8/20241 min read