Exploring Excellence: A Conversation with Galiya Nessipbekova

Galiya Nessipbekova, a Bolashak scholar, excels in her clinical internship at the prestigious King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Her journey epitomises the blend of top-tier international education and practical medical training, setting a standard for excellence. During her internship, Galiya has adeptly managed the complexities of a fast-paced, multicultural medical environment, acquiring invaluable insights and skills. This experience, facilitated by the Bolashak Scholarship, not only bolsters her professional capabilities but also equips her to drive transformative changes within Kazakhstan's healthcare sector. Through Galiya’s story, we witness the concrete impact of the Bolashak programme in nurturing global leaders. Her dedication to medical innovation and excellence highlights the considerable potential for Bolashak scholars to contribute significantly to global healthcare and medicine advancement in Kazakhstan.

2/28/20241 min read