Beyond the Sessions: Real Stories from Conference Participants

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Here's what our participants say

As a participant in the seminar in Stuttgart (March 23-27, 2014) organized by Global Conferences, I would like to express my gratitude for the valuable experience and professional service. Thank you!

- Kasymova G.K.

The program improved collaboration between government and education, enhancing quality. In the UK, we explored London, Oxford, and Cambridge, visiting institutions like Cambridge Regional College, Westminster College, Greenwich Community College, Oxford University, and Regent's College. Thanks to Mr. Andrei for his support.

- Zhoshibaeva G. S.

The program matched the theme with insightful lectures on the British education system and quality assurance in professional education. Excursions to Oxford, Cambridge, and London colleges were informative, and the cultural program was engaging. Kudos to the organizers for their precision and attentive approach. Thanks!

- Almukhanov M. A.

The program on "Effective Vocational Education Management" was enlightening, with valuable presentations from colleges, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities. It benefited our regional leadership. Thank you, Global Conferences team!

-Nurgaliev M.K.